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Steps to Selecting a Clawfoot Tub Faucet

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Whether you are selecting a clawfoot faucet for a brand new jetted clawfoot tub or replacing an old one, here are some steps to making the selection. Decide what type of clawfoot faucet you would like.  If this will be going into a new bathtub, the clawfoot faucet installation holes will need to be drilled into your tub.  Most manufacturers will do this for you.  There are three main types of clawfoot faucet.  They are:

  • Free standing clawfoot faucets are locating on the outside of the tub on a separate structure.
  • Tub wall mounted are affixed to the inside wall of the tub.
  • Deck/rim mounted faucets are placed upon the top lip or rim of the tub. 

If this will be a replacement clawfoot faucet, the type of existing clawfoot faucet will determine the type for you.  It is recommended you replace your clawfoot faucet with the same type.  If you do not, you will be left with holes from the old faucet to deal with.   The exception to this may be if your current claw foot faucet is freestanding one, you may be able to replace with one of the other two types and not be left with unsightly holes. You will require holes drilled in your tub for the new faucet.

If you have a jetted clawfoot tub, there is an additional consideration of jet placement.  Where you put the faucet will depend on where the jets are located in your jetted clawfoot tub.  Having a jetted clawfoot tub should not hinder you from purchasing a faucet. You still have plenty of selection possibilities.

There are several features available for clawfoot faucets. Claw foot faucets come with a separate spray feature that allows dispensing of water into the tub with an additional sprayer hose attached.  This is convenient for rinsing your hair or your body just before exiting the tub.

You can opt to add a shower feature.  This enables you to use your tub, including a jetted clawfoot tub, for a shower. You get the luxury of a soaking tub and the convenience of a shower.  A shower enclosure, usually a wrap around shower curtain, is required for this.

The most popular claw foot faucet is a classic version. It’s simple elegance only dispenses water into your tub.

The finish of your clawfoot faucet is up to you. Antique bronze and copper, brass, polished chrome, and nickel are some of the options on the market.  Check with individual manufacturers to see if the design you are interested in is offered in a finish you like.

The size of your claw foot faucet is a matter of personal choice as well.  Some people like a large swan necked claw foot faucet that gives a cascading water sound as it pours water into the bath.  Others opt for the smaller more conservative version.  Whatever the type, size, style, finish or features you select; your clawfoot faucet is sure to be the finishing touch for your tub.

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