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History of Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucet

Author Chris Zhao

Whether you are looking to replace your old kitchen faucet or ready to remodel your entire kitchen, you might become overwhelmed by the sheer number of faucet fixture options available at home improvement stores. Here is a brief description of two popular and handy types of kitchen faucets.

Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucets

Pre-rinse kitchen faucets are commonly used in professional food service kitchens, but they also offer residential homeowners several great benefits.

This type of kitchen faucet typically comes with nice, long extensions and a powerful rinse spray head. The spray heads on pre-rinse faucets usually have levers or toggle switches that allow you to quickly switch from regular water pressure to high water pressure. Most models also allow you to control your spray pattern as well.

These faucets are useful if you prefer to spray off your dishes before placing them in your dishwasher. The powerful stream of water easily removes the caked on food and congealed grease, making washing dishes a less tedious chore.

Install a pre-rinse faucet to instantly give your kitchen that sleek, commercial look. Be aware that these faucets are usually taller and bulkier than other styles, so pair it with a deep commercial looking sink unless you really want the faucet to become a focal point in your kitchen.

Pull-down Kitchen Faucets

Pull-down kitchen faucets are becoming increasingly popular in residential kitchens, mostly because these fixtures can help reduce the amount of time it takes you to prepare meals and clean up afterwards.

A pull-down faucet comes with a detachable spray head that attaches to the faucet with a hose. The hose moves around freely, giving you the flexibility to direct the spray or stream of water wherever you need it.

The detachable spray head really comes in handy when your sink is full and you need to fill the pans sitting on your stove or counters. Most hoses stretch out enough that you could even fill your mop bucket while it`s sitting on your kitchen floor.

The early pull-down faucets had some problems with the spray heads not fitting well into the spray head docks located on the faucet. Today`s pull-down faucets use new innovations that guarantee a snug fit. Some faucets even come with a magnetic spray head dock, which ensures that the spray head will stay in place until you need it.

Better quality pull-down kitchen faucets have a button located on the spray head that allows you to easily toggle between spraying and streaming the water. Some higher-end faucets are touch sensitive models, allowing you to turn the water off and on with just a single tap of your fingers.

Kitchen Faucet Materials

Of all the kitchen faucet materials available, those made of solid brass are the most durable. Not only can they last you for many years, but they are also less likely to corrode or leak. As a bonus for folks living in hard water areas, these faucets also require the least amount of care.

Zinc faucets are also commonly used, but zinc can quickly corrode when it comes into contact with water. You will have to replace these faucets once the plating starts wearing off.

Plastic faucets are also available and their low price often tempts homeowners. However, plastic just doesn`t hold up very well and you will undoubtedly be replacing the faucet rather quickly.

Solid brass faucets cost the most, but homeowners usually find that it`s worth their while to pay a little more for solid brass faucets. You can often find sales on durable, handy faucets at online stores such as Rangemaster.