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Roman Tubs Vs. Master Shower

Nothing evokes the feeling of relaxation like sitting in your whirlpool with some bubbles and soaking away the stresses of the day. But in reality, how often do we really have an opportunity to really enjoy our whirlpool? 

Most of us do it with some frequency when we first purchase our dream home, then it starts tapering off to once or twice a year. On the other hand, the enjoyment of standing underneath a rain showerhead is something we can enjoy on a daily basis. We can actually enhance that enjoyment by adding a few other components like body sprays and handheld showers.

That may explain why the master shower with all the bells and whistles has become a standard in most high end developments. Some custom home builders go as far as including a steam unit in the master shower for a complete spa feel.

In terms of investment, you can obtain the desired results on a very small budget by simply adding a large volume showerhead and a handheld shower, or you can go completely wild and do the full course which may include oversize ceiling mounted showerhead, wall mounted showerhead with multiple settings, two rows of  three or four body sprays on perpendicular walls, spaced in a way to provide an aggressive massage from your knees to your shoulders, if you are going the full course you also have to take into consideration your water usage and allow for the addition of an extra or an oversize water heater and ¾” piping as this kind of arrangement may put out as much as 25 gpm. And because the increased enjoyment of this type of arrangement, you may have a very hard time getting out of the shower.